Wind and Snow Rated Buildings

ShelterTech customizable buildings are wind and snow rated, which means they’re ready to take on tough weather. Our buildings are thoroughly tested and certified to meet a specific capacity of snow load per square foot, as well as wind loads per mile per hour. Our buildings are made strong, here’s how they’re different.

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Download our ShelterTech SP Series case study and product brochure.

Wind and Snow Load Ratings are Based on a Couple of Factors


All ShelterTech buildings must be securely and properly anchored. Anchors should be chosen based on the foundation of the location. Ground conditions will affect the anchors used. We recommend contacting a local engineer and for a consultation to plan and ensure proper anchoring based upon your ground conditions. Buildings should be assembled in accordance with local ordinances and zoning regulations. For more information on anchoring your ShelterTech, visit our Anchoring page.


While all ShelterTech buildings are wind and snow load rated, the size, pipe frame diameter and pipe frame wall thickness will affect the wind and snow load. Certain buildings will have a larger pipe diameter and wider pipe wall thickness.


For more detailed information about the ShelterTech frame specifications get the brochure.

Top of the Line Steel

Unlike steel from outside the United States, ShelterTech uses only high grade ASTM A500 certified galvanized steel to develop our steel frames. In addition, we receive a confirmation that the steel we use is of a structural grade, ensuring the composition of the steel.

ShelterTech buildings can take a hit, and remain standing. Don’t believe us? Download the case study and discover just how strong our buildings are:

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