ShelterTech Steel Frames

Believe it or not, not all steel pipe fabric buildings are created equal. For our premier line of ShelterTech buildings we use only the very best materials. That’s why we choose to use hot-dipped galvanized steel for our frames.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel: Know the Difference

At each connection point in a ShelterTech building, you’ll find a ShelterLock: a unique patented connector that reinforces your building’s strength and stability. This component holds the cross rails and main ribs of your frame together in a way that ultimately makes the building stronger, and sturdier. When properly connected, the ShelterLock’s allow for the cross-rails to receive a greater longitudinal stiffness which enables the frame to be more stable and to better resist some impact.

ShelterTech Buildings are made from 100% hot dipped galvanized steel and are manufactured right here in the U.S.A.

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Download our ShelterTech SP Series case study and product brochure.

Durable Steel Frames, Built to Last

ShelterTech steel frames are also thicker than standard steel pipe frames for most fabric buildings, making them stronger and more durable. Depending on the size specifications of your building, the width of the steel pipe changes to ensure a safe building that is wind and snow rated, and built strong.

One of the advantages of choosing ShelterTech is that you can choose a custom size for your building. Custom lengths are available in 4 ft. increments for barn and peak buildings and 5 ft. increments for round buildings. Buildings are configurable in lengths up to 100 ft. long in all shapes. The pipe diameters of the frames are related to the building width (see above chart).

Steel Frame Warranty Information

All ShelterTech steel pipe frames come with a 3 year prorated warranty. To ensure your steel building and frame stay in good shape, please refer to the maintenance information as well as your building manual.

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