ShelterLock Stabilizers

Stability, Durability and Strength:

Discover the Difference in ShelterLock’s Steel Stabilizers. One of ShelterTech’s unique innovations is actually small in size, but makes a huge difference to your building’s overall design.

How It Works

At each connection point in a ShelterTech building, you’ll find a ShelterLock: a unique patented connector that reinforces your building’s strength and stability. This component holds the cross rails and main ribs of your frame together in a way that ultimately makes the building stronger, and sturdier. When properly connected, the ShelterLock’s allow for the cross-rails to receive a greater longitudinal stiffness which enables the frame to be more stable and to better resist some impact.

How ShelterLocks Stand Out

3X Stronger Frame

The addition of the ShelterLock connectors to your building reinforces your building’s steel frame, making it 3x stronger than similar units you’ll find in the market.

Stronger Connector

ShelterLocks themselves have been designed to be a stronger, more durable connector for our buildings.

Patented Design

The design of the ShelterLock connector is unique and has been patented by ShelterLogic. It’s a reliable connection component that you’ll find used across many of our structures.

How Tough Are ShelterTech Buildings?

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Materials We Use

ShelterLock stabilizers are made from zinc plated steel that resists corrosion and rust, even over time. These components connect with two nuts and two bolts, all of which are also zinc plated. That means that rather than simply coating the surface of the ShelterLock component with a rust resistant coating, we ensure that all pieces resist rust and corrosion from the inside out.


The zinc plating process we use on the ShelterLocks changes the steel on a molecular level by electrically charging it. This ensures a longer lifespan on these very important, very unique components of ShelterTech buildings.

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