ShelterTech Fabric Covers

ShelterTech SP Series fabric covers are made from top-quality PVC fabric that is proven to be durable, long-lasting and resilient against some of the harshest elements. We use only top quality materials to manufacture our ShelterTech buildings. Learn more about why you should choose ShelterTech and our unique fabric covers below.

Why Choose ShelterTech Fabric?

ShelterTech SP Series fabric covers are made from a durable, yet flexible PVC fabric that has been manufactured specifically for the rough and tumble of outdoor use. Both our Heavy Duty 14.5 oz. fabric covers and our 21.5 oz. fabric covers are made from a durable PVC material, and each comes with a pro-rated warranty of 10 to 15 years, respectively.


Our PVC fabric covers are tested for their tough, superior quality and will help ensure your building can withstand tough weather. These are some of the reasons why they are considered some of the best in the market.


Here are a few more reasons:


Advantages of our PVC Fabric Covers


  • Flame resistant and NFPA 701 certified
  • Resistant to oil and chemicals – hard to dissolve in most organic solvents
  • Elasticity and flexibility make it easy to assemble to your steel ShelterTech frame

ShelterTech covers are flame retardant. Our covers are NFPA 701 flame tested every year.

The PVC we use to manufacture our covers is similar material used for astronauts, firefighters and military personnel.

Want to Know More About Our Buildings?

Download our ShelterTech SP Series case study and product brochure.

How It’s Made

The unique fabric cover is made using an inter-woven technique. Strands of fabric are coated and woven together to create a resilient and durable tear-resistant effect. This reduces the likelihood that your ShelterTech cover will tear, and if it does, it means it is far less likely to fray.


This means that the cover of your building, when properly installed and cared for will likely have a long life span.


For more information on caring for your ShelterTech building, check out these quick tips >


Once you order your ShelterTech building and choose the dimensions, we will make a cover to suit your building in the cover grade and color of your choice. Rather than stitching the cover, we heat seal it to ensure the cover remains waterproof.

Cover Options and Warranties

When ordering your ShelterTech building you will have the option of choosing between our Heavy Duty cover option and our Ultra Duty cover option. Although both tough, there are some differences between the two options available to you.

ShelterTech Heavy Duty PVC Fabric Covers

14.5 oz fabric comes with a prorated 10 year warranty. They are available in your choice of gray, green, tan, or white.

ShelterTech Ultra Duty PVC Fabric Covers

21.5 oz. fabric covers come with a prorated 15 year warranty. They are available in your choice of green or white.

* All Cover Door Panels Come with a 3 Year Prorated Warranty

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