Wondering how ShelterTech stands out? Thanks to our unique features and innovations, ShelterTech is not just a recognizable name in custom outdoor storage solutions, but a leader in the space.

Discover the Difference of ShelterTech

ShelterTech Steel Frames

ShelterTech uses some of the best materials when manufacturing our unique structures. Learn about our steel here.

ShelterTech Fabric Covers

Our fabric covers are made from strong, fire rated PVC material and are made to withstand tough weather. Discover our fabric innovation here.

Steel Shelterlocks

ShelterTech steel frame shelters are stable and reliable thanks in part to our innovative ShelterLock steel stabilizers. Discover more about ShelterLock stabilizers.

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Contact our support team online or by calling 1-800-423-1727. You can also download our product guide and case study for more information.

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