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Weather ready storage and protection for municipalities and government institutions.

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Series Shelters

Weather ready storage and protection for municipalities and government institutions.

“First, they’re easy to put up – so the time saving of erecting buildings was a big factor. Cost was another factor – we could have done it with wood and plywood, but it just wasn’t as cost effective as using ShelterTech.”

Mike, New York

Is ShelterTech Right For You?

ShelterTech SP Series Buildings are the perfect storage solution for municipalities, government districts and government and military institutions. We have worked with U.S. government agencies to provide storage and shelter for salt, machinery, and military test sites. State institutions choose us because we offer an affordable, reliable storage and shelter solution that’s built to last.

Portable storage buildings can have a wide variety of use cases for government entities. From storing law enforcement vehicles to salt for the utilities department, weatherproof sheds are budget-friendly options that provide plenty of flexibility in their portability. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, government healthcare workers were able to utilize these portable buildings as vaccination sites or screening centers. School districts can utilize these heavy-duty tents to protect fleet vehicles or for school agriculture programs. 

SP Series Shelters

Ideal Uses for the ShelterTech SP Shelter:

  • Job Site Storage
  • Equipment Storage
  • Landscaping Storage
  • Tool Storage
  • Worker Reprieve Stations
  • Salt Storage
  • Vehicle Storage
  • Machinery Storage
  • Custom Workspace

Why Choose ShelterTech SP Series for Your Business

Wind and Snow Rated Buildings

Water Resistant and Fire Rated

Long-term, Portable Storage Solution

More Industries

Farming + Agriculture

Equipment + Vehicle Storage

Commercial Business

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