Equipment and Vehicle Storage

Year-round vehicle and equipment protection built to last.

Equipment and Vehicle Storage with ShelterTech

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“First, they’re easy to put up – so the time saving of erecting buildings was a big factor. Cost was another factor – we could have done it with wood and plywood, but it just wasn’t as cost effective as using ShelterTech.”

Mike, New York

Is ShelterTech Right For You?

If you’re a farmer, you probably work with some big tools. So how do you protect them? ShelterTech SP Series buildings offers exceptional protection for farming equipment, tractors and machinery for farmers all across the U.S.A. These affordable buildings are easy to assemble, portable, come in custom size and specification options and are ready to take on tough weather.

Both large and small businesses in the automotive industry can benefit from a ShelterTech SP car storage tent. These heavy duty tents provide storage and protection from the elements. The crew from the hit television show, Graveyard Carz, utilizes our equipment sheds to store cars and allows them to restore them while protecting their investments from inclement weather such as wind and rain as well as preventing rust. Listen to the crew from Graveyard Carz talk about how a ShelterTech SP storage building was a game changer for their business. Our shelters allow them to store dozens of vehicles in a large portable building without having to worry about fending off the elements.

SP Series Shelters

Ideal Uses for the ShelterTech SP Shelter:

  • Job Site Storage
  • Equipment Storage
  • Landscaping Storage
  • Tool Storage
  • Worker Reprieve Stations
  • Salt Storage
  • Vehicle Storage
  • Machinery Storage
  • Custom Workspace

Why Choose ShelterTech SP Series for Your Business

Wind and Snow Rated Buildings

Protection against UV damage

Protection against pests

More Industries

Commercial Business

Farming + Agriculture

Contruction + Landscaping

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