Construction and Landscaping

Portable and weather ready storage and protection for construction job sites and landscaping businesses.

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“First, they’re easy to put up – so the time saving of erecting buildings was a big factor. Cost was another factor – we could have done it with wood and plywood, but it just wasn’t as cost effective as using ShelterTech.”

Mike, New York

Is ShelterTech Right For You?

Construction sites have a number of expensive materials, tools, and equipment that can be easily damaged by inclement weather. Storing them in a large heavy duty tent can go a long way in protecting and ensuring the longevity of these items. Additionally, keeping these expensive items out of sight from potential thieves provides a simple way of increasing worksite security. From storing high-dollar construction equipment and vehicles to everyday tools, having a storage work tent can provide incalculable value to the jobsite.

Landscaping companies similarly use large vehicles, equipment, and tools such as lawnmowers, sod, chemicals, and other necessities. A large portable storage building is the perfect option for companies that travel around from jobsite to jobsite.   

SP Series Shelters

Ideal Uses for the ShelterTech SP Shelter:

  • Job Site Storage
  • Equipment Storage
  • Landscaping Storage
  • Tool Storage
  • Worker Reprieve Stations
  • Salt Storage
  • Vehicle Storage
  • Machinery Storage
  • Custom Workspace

Why Choose ShelterTech SP Series for Your Business

Wind and Snow Rated Buildings

Water Resistant and Fire Rated

Long-term, Portable Storage Solution

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Farming + Agriculture

Equipment + Vehicle Storage

Commercial Business

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